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Information about licensing.

About License

Postby kjp » Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:15 pm

About License

  • World Wide Navi has 3 licenses, Free, Personal, and Professional.
    Free is a free license with no expiration.
    Personal and Professional are commercial licenses to give more advanced functions than Free in some period of use.

    The commercial licenses are recommended for business use.

    Personal is mainly designed for each programmer's coding assistance, Professional is for development leader's total development.

    About the differences among licenses, refer to here.

  • You can start up the commercial license with 90 days one, and can easily add orders and purchase again.
    It gives you the best cost performance to purchase as many as required only in required time.

    About the purchase of licenses, refer to FAQ.

  • All of the licenses including Free allows you free software upgrading.

  • The commercial licenses include software support within the expiration.The customers of the commercial licenses can acquire the following.
    • Email support about the product spec.
    • The permission of this forum's customer only menu.
  • The notification will be delivered to the commercial license customers before the license expiration.

  • License registration is required when you purchase again.
    Register the license key in the menu of product, [Tool]->[License Registration].

  • World Wide Navi licenses are given for each one computer.
    One License is required by specified numbers of computers.
    When the same person uses several computers, required licenses are as many as the number of the computers.
    When several persons use the same computers, required licenses are as many as the number of the computers.

    Transferring the computers (switching the license registered computers to other ones) is not allowed basically, but in some cases that it's required because of computer crushing, missing, and other special issues, we will deal with you after each contact. (operation will be told at that time.)

  • We have discount option for huge purchase customers.
    please feel free to ask us in purchase or estimation.

    Feel free to ask us about the other unclear items.
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