About This Forum (Read this first)

Please read this first. Product information, download, about this site, and others.

About This Forum (Read this first)

Postby kjp » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:01 pm

This forum is a support forum of the Software Translation Testing Tool, MundoRec.
The place for posting and discussing the bugs and requests about MundoRec.
We are broadcasting useful information and software i18n, l10n tips too.

  • For The First Visitors
    For posting, you need to register your user account.
    For viewing, you need no registration.

    Anyone can do user registration!
    Please join us!

  • User Registration
    User registration is available on the "Register" on the top right of the screen.
    For user registration, a valid mail addresses not conflicted with other users are required.
    Registered users will never get able to log in unless you activate it.
    Registered user names and email addresses cannot be changed.
    If you want to change it, please ask the inquiry email address from our website.

  • How To Use
    Please refer to "FAQ" on the top right of the screen about the basic usage.
    Common manners of bulletin boards is required for posting and replying. (Any slander, abuse, and posts against public order are forbidden)

  • Used Languages
    After user registration and log in, your language can be chosen from English, Japanese, and Chinese on the User CP screen.
    This specifies the forum menu and description language.
    (Unless you log in, the used language is English.)
    The post contents will be posted as you write.
    For English post and reply, go to English menu,
    For Japanese, go to Japanese menu.

  • Forum Rules
    Some of forums have the rules of posting, viewing, and others. The rules appear on the top red area of each forum and
    please follow them.

  • Forum Update
    Notification of newly created forums and replies to your posts can be delivered by RSS feedsImage or ATOM feedsImage.
    Feed buttonsImage of each browser will deliver you more detailed feeds.
    Registered users can receive the mails to notify you the update information directly by clicking "Subscribe topic" on the bottom of the screen.
    This is useful for watching your posts.

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